What are TCY Graduates saying?

  • C. Collins - Ohio based Yoga Teacher

    "I've never felt so connected to a teacher through an online course! I took the 30-hour Trauma Cooperative Yoga®️ Course and it improved my practice, my teaching style, and my job. The lead trainer, Jo, is so knowledgeable. And, she goes out of her way to make sure you know the material. She is interactive, and takes her time to get to know her students. She also gives great feedback!"

  • Monique Gharios, Australian Yoga School Founder

    "As a founder of my own Yoga school, I can appreciate how Trauma Cooperative Yoga®️ is easy-to-follow whilst covering all the important, and informative, aspects of knowing how to conduct such a sensitive practice. I highly recommend. It has been well thought out and done with so much care.”

  • Kao Bolo, Mongolian War Refugee

    "Recently, I reached out to Jo for some of her Trauma Resolution Coaching when I found out I had some residual trauma from my early years. After many regularly scheduled meetings, about the effects of trauma and mental resilience, we decided that I'd also join her group of TCY®️ trainees. It was so rewarding. Being more flexible, stronger, and better at my sports was just a bonus, the real benefits I’ve gotten are being pain-free, and the sense of calm. I’m just so thankful to Jo being such a great teacher and mentor. It has opened my mind up and as a direct result of this work every single important relationship in my life has been strengthened, and deepened. So, thank you Jo! And, thank you, TCY®️"

Trauma Cooperative Yoga®️ training is made for...

  • un-Certified but committed yoga practitioners aspiring to become a Certified Yoga Teacher with a wide-reaching surplus of teachable skills.

  • already Certified public yoga teachers, already certified private yoga teachers, and active duty or veteran military Yoga Teachers looking to expand upon their knowledge base

  • therapists, psychologists, counselors and all other mental health professionals ready to expand their nationwide reach by providing another trauma-specific modality

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Trauma Cooperative Yoga®️ gives 20hr, 30hr, and 200+ hour online training Courses.

  • Yoga Alliance Approved, go at your own pace, school with video, audio, and written learning content that is available to you after completing the sign-up process. Plus, routine offerings of live interaction, too!

  • TCY is a well-researched modality founded upon hands-on practical experience for over a decade.

  • We start with an orientation phone call to help you navigate your online experience with ease and satisfaction. Throughout the training, we also support learning optimization and integration with 1-on-1 meet-ups after each of your module completions. There's 12 total in the 200 hour! :)

If you were affected by the global pandemic then you might benefit from trying PAY-AS-YOU-GO. Simply call/text (831) 887-8383 to request your desired monthly payment amount. :)