The 200 Hour Course includes:

  • TCY® Versatile Learning Experience

    This course is a dynamic format with 1 on 1 support, constructive feedback, and learning in the form of pre-recorded videos and audios. Plus, a TCY® manual is gifted to you rich with the information you need.

  • TCY® Consistency & Care

    After the successful completion of each module you have the option to meet with your Lead Trainer, Jo, for 15-minutes via phone or video to answer any of the questions that you might have. That's 12 total meetups throughout the process of the course, and 3 extra hours of live support coming your way!

  • TCY® Success Support

    Upon your completion of the 12 modules, reading the training manual, and taking your short quiz, you will receive detailed feedback on the test out video that you will have submitted! It is up to you if you want the feedback delivered via email, phone, or video!


Listen Deeply, Move Freely.