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Pay $1,000 down today to secure your spot in the class. Then, the remainder by 30 days before the 1st intensive week of training.

The Course Includes:

Lesson plans tailored to your student needs. All day and week training in HawaiiX4.

  • Versatile Learning

    Come to Hawaii for fun, sun, and intensive life changing learning. The material is dynamic and full of opportunities to have group breakout sessions, 1-on-1 constructive feedback cycles, and shake-it-up class end yoga rituals each day to make sure you have lots of energy to keep going and successfully complete each 6 day week module.

  • Consistency

    Each class is packed with facts, experiential lessons, group inquiry, individual processing opportunities, and more on how to teach and ultimately be trauma informed from now on.

  • Social Media Support

    After each intensive week our founder, JO, will give you shout outs on social media for what you're doing best with in the training. You will also receive a coaching session with faculty to support your digesting of the material out of class, as well as a group page where you may have the chance to receive support from other students.

The (4) meeting months for the training in 2020 are January, March, May, and September.

If doing the payment plan in installments then email us at for info on how to reserve your spot!

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