• How to confidently work with the classroom when there's dissociation present without triggering the student.

  • What to do to put people at ease when they are triggered.

  • How to best honor the trauma sensitive students in your classroom and the experiences they bring with them in their bodies.

  • And, much more.


  • Nationwide reports show that 70% of people have experienced a traumatic event in their lives at some point. Trauma impacts people on many levels and will continue to do so until the survivor is given the opportunity to create a new relationship with them self. Therefore, the resolution to rectify the oftentimes reported disconnection from the self is one that only the survivor them self can make if they are given the right environment to work within. We strongly believe based on evidence based studies that the Yoga mat provides this space.

  • As Dr. Peter Levine, one of the original leaders in becoming more trauma aware, and Author of Waking The Tiger, says, "In trauma, the sensations get stuck in one place. So, through contact with body sensations we can begin to move out of this fixity which is trauma and back into flow aka fluid experience of ourselves, again. And, this transformation is ultimately what frees us from the binds of trauma."

  • Yoga Teachers and wellness providers/advocates, often lose their opportunity to connect with those who matter the most in their business because the survivor's courage to show up and/or reveal them self wasn't met with enough empathy, or compassion. Instead, trauma survivors are too often met with hyper-concern over their outward mannerisms, behaviors, or anatomical placement. At Inner Beat™ we make sure to teach you how to make the inner adjustment in order to best excel in the classroom, or office with your community as a leader.

  • The Justice Resource Institute, as spearheaded by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, did a study with people who had been in therapy for 10 years. Each had little to no experience with Yoga. What the JRI found was that after practicing Yoga 1X a week for 10 weeks straight their Post Traumatic Stress symptoms reduced by 33% and after 2 months upon check-in this same group no longer had enough symptoms to be classified as still having Post Traumatic Stress.

  • The resource, Recognize Trauma, reports that 60 percent of adults have experienced abuse or other difficult family circumstances during childhood and 60% of youth age seventeen and younger have been exposed to crime, violence, and abuse either directly or indirectly. This means that based on Dr. Peter Levine's acknowledgment of trauma being stuck in the body unless otherwise resolved, we as teachers must have the awareness of what people are showing up with as well as how to constructively work with the side effects in order to best empower the yoga practitioner on the mat.

  • The National Trauma Institute reports that each year trauma accounts for 41 million emergency department visits, and 2.3 million hospital admissions across the United States. Many of these survivors walk around with unresolved trauma without the chance to build awareness that they are capable of positively affecting their lives as a key part of their own recovery. Yoga holds a neutral space where the impact of trauma can be observed. It is our duty as teachers to create a space for optimal healing to occur.

  • The National Trauma Institute also revealed that it is because trauma is a disease that affects all ages of people, the life years lost to trauma are equal to the life years lost from cancer, heart disease, and HIV combined. Whereas this is a sad fact, we as wellness facilitators and guides have the chance of rewriting the collective narrative around trauma and shame in our communities, so long as we know how to promote a shame-free environment, as Inner Beat Yoga™ teaches us.

  • PTSD has been reported by Medical Boards as being a contagious disease. This means that the more conscious we are of the people in our classrooms the more able we are to ignite a sense of well-being. Instead, of unconsciously expanding a sense of dis-ease in our communities.

  • As Dr. Van der Kolk, an original researcher, is quoted: "Neuroscience research shows that the only way we can change the way we feel is by becoming aware of our inner experience and learning to befriend what is going on inside ourselves." Van der Kolk's writing also points to the following, "In research supported by the National Institutes of Health, my colleagues and I have shown that ten weeks of yoga practice markedly reduced PTSD symptoms of patients who had failed to respond to any medication or to any other treatment." Our team at Inner Beat Yoga™ provides a safe place to merge fact with experience and one on one time with our lead trainer upon successful completion.

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Why you want to train with us:


    Our lead trainer has 10,000 hour facilitation experience and innumerable training in trauma informed body movement in addition to doctor led body psychology training.


    Our lead trainer has written and been published on the subject of trauma awareness in the New York print magazine USA TODAY. She continues to share her own life journey and yoga tips on social media to help break the stigma around mental health as a multiple trauma survivor herself.


    Our lead trainer is currently teaming up with doctors and thought leaders around the country to bring a new book to the world on best Trauma Cooperative Yoga practices based on the most current research..