• #1 STOP

    In day to day life, the habit of assuming is more than likely offensive to those around us but most definitely limiting for each and everyone of us. In a Trauma Cooperative Yoga® setting assuming is very possibly even a threat to our student's personal healing and overall quality of practice. So, let's look closer: why do we assume in the first place? This unraveling of the WHY we do things as people and teachers is warrior work. It takes time and practice which of course requires dedication. Are you aware of what potentially-damaging language may sound like? When you attend one of Inner Beat Yoga's trainings we work deeply with you to unfold all kinds of greatness in your teaching. The more we hone our abilities to listen deeply to ourselves and practitioners and teachers of Yoga the more that clients and students will have rewarding practices and lives.


    Trauma affects us in all ways. Therefore, the second that you as a teacher start teaching Trauma Cooperative Yoga® is the exact moment that you need to look at more than the student's body structure and alignment. It is known that trauma affects 70% of human beings. It is therefore highly likely that the person in front of you has been affected by a trauma in some way. If you plan on making a big change in people's lives, which you likely are because you're here right now, it is key that we do the warrior's work to see how our lives' biggest events have impacted us. In these courses, you will learn how to step back and look at the whole trauma piece in order to understand on a cognitive, felt, and sensorial level how the body, brain, emotional, and subconscious self are connected and healing agents of change.

  • #3 EVOLVE

    In a traditional classroom you are asking people to basically mirror you as they practice the postures. However, in a Trauma Cooperative Yoga® classroom, as guides we've got to stop instructing, and start facilitating. Our greatest priority as teachers is to encourage connection to the self, and the moment's needs. People's bodies are maps of experiences. It is therefore up to us as teachers to facilitate the anchoring of people in the change they came to the classroom to co-create with us.


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If you served in the U.S. military, or presently serve, and want to learn more about Yoga and/or how to become Certified to teach then welcome to Inner Beat Yoga! We offer Pay As You Go to U.S. Military Service Members, and Veterans. This requires at least a $20 per month payment fee until the full training cost has been paid in full. There's no hidden fees, or interests.