Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) What is the difference between your 20-hour and your 30-hour Trauma Informed Certification Online Training?

A) The 20 hour does not include the bonus trainings with Faculty and Special Guests. However, both include all the same Core Fundamentals lessons, a quiz, and upon passing a Certificate.

Q) How many hours of Continuing Education Credits may I get in total with Yoga Alliance per online course that I take?

Last we checked, in 2019, Yoga Alliance will recognize 20 hours of CECs from online trainings. So, when you take the 30-hour Inner Beat ™ training you not only get 20 credits applied toward your mandatory continuing education as a Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance, you also get bonus materials with Special Guests and Inner Beat™ faculty, like with Dr. Dan, Dr. Hank, Ippo, and Celine.

Q) What is the difference between the 30-hour e-training and the 230-hour e-training/live course?

A) The 30 hour course focuses on bringing you an introduction to key concepts of Trauma Informed Yoga teaching. The 230 hour course teaches you how to put those concepts into motion while also giving you the opportunity for more 1-on-1 support and feedback to ensure that you're ready to expand your teaching skills into countless new directions such as working in clinical settings, military wellness settings for our troops and veterans, for first responders, safe houses for women, and children, and more.

Q) May I take the e-course at my own pace? Or, is there a deadline to finish?

A) Yes, take the e-course(s) at your own pace. There is no deadline to finish. However, when you do complete the course there is a short Q&A test to best lock in the knowledge you've taken from the course.

Q) What if I decide I don't like the course once I've started? Can I get my money back?

A) We apologize but there are no refunds under any circumstances. Given the flexibility of the course. You are able to study when you find the time in your schedule. We therefore make it easy for you to commit to your investment of learning. HOWEVER: your payment is able to go toward 1-on-1 Yoga lessons or 1-on-1 Trauma Resolution Coaching via phone or Zoom video meeting upon appointment.

Q) Is the 230 hours also online? If yes, how does the student’s capability get assessed?

A) YES. The 230 hour YTT is available both online as well as in-person if and when there is a planned training in your local area. Now, the Teacher-in-Training’s skills are assessed throughout the program due to several required check-ins and upon completion tested by the submission of videos in each of the areas taught. Students are required to demonstrate their knowledge and proficiency in each of the videos.

Q) Are you accredited with Yoga Alliance?

A) Yes, the school is a RYS - Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. The Curriculum is also approved by Yoga Alliance. Jo, the Founder, is a 500-RYT their current highest level of recognition for a teacher's hours - although she now has 865 hours total of training experience and 10,000 hours plus of facilitation experience.

Q) Do I get CECs - Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance?

A) Yes, you will get CECs for the education hours on How to Teach Trauma Informed hours. This goes for both the online and in-person 30 hour course. Yoga Alliance does not currently approve the full 200 hour training to be online. Therefore, part of our 200 hour is in person and the other part online so that it fits into the Yoga Alliance standards for the 200 hour as well. If you're interested in running a 200 hour Trauma Informed nearby at your studio, or in your community, please send us an email at to let us know.

Q) If I'm already a Yoga Teacher will I learn the same things over in your course, again, if I take the full 230 hours with Inner Beat?

A) No, you will not learn the same things. Inner Beat Yoga has an original curriculum. You will absorb an extraordinary amount of new information by attending this course on and offline and will learn to demonstrate new teaching skills through to course completion.

Q) If I get people together in my town will you come to us to teach the 230 hour training live in-person?

A) Yes, it is very possibly that JO, our Founder, can do that. However, there must be a minimum of 6 students enrolled to train before contacting Inner Beat with your request.


Email to get started with your special pay as you go plan.

If you served in the United States military, or presently serve, and want to learn more about yoga and/or how to become certified to teach Yoga through a Yoga Alliance approved school, you have found the right place! We offer Pay As You Go to present and former United States military service members. This requires a $20 per month payment fee until the full training cost has been covered. That's all! No extra fees, or hidden interests, just $20 a month!